We decided to invest our free time and our private savings to help the animals in Ormos, to castrate them and with this to prevent the uncontrolled increase of cats, which is mainly responsible for the cats disease.


We heard a lot of times that animals are getting poisend by natives here, new born kittens end up in the garbage can or even worse things happen because the people in the village don't get along with all the cats and are offended by them.


In winter, when all the tourists are gone, many animals don't have anything to eat and are slimming completely. There is almost no medical supply for the cats. Thats something we want to change and so we came back with 3 women to sort things out and to change the situation. 

On April 22nd 2016 we - Britta, Simone and Hanneke - came back to Samos. Thanks to the help of Jimmys Pizza Cave we were able to stay there for free in an apartment directly in Ormos. The culture association of Samos also helped us and donated us runnig water and electricity, so that we could make this stay possible. 


In total, we castrated about 100 animals in one week, many of them were pregnant when they came to us. We really would like to come back in autumn 2016 to help those animals that where either too young to get castrated or that we couldn't get in those few days. There is so much more work to do. 


We also have some plans for a small, simple animal hospital here in Ormos, which also could be used by local veteranians. But for all this, we need your help. 

The more people get to know about our work, the better it is for us! That's why we want to call you attention with this website. 


We would be very happy if you would tell other people about our work and take care that people will know what we are doing in Ormos. We urgently do need financial means to cover the costs for our arrival and all the medicine. That's why we established a donations account, so that you can support us directly and on an easy way. 


Every single donation - no matter how small it is - helps us to change the situation! We will also put some donation boxes around Ormos and the surrounding villages, so that you can also help us in this way.