My name is Hanneke Bahrami-Groen, I'm a veterinarian from Germany with my own animal ambulance in the north of Germany close to the danish border. In spring 2015 I spent my first vacation on Samos Island, that was when I recognized the many alley cats, a lot of them in miserable condition. 


When I tried to inform myself about how to be able to help those cats, I got to know the animal rights group Animal Care Samos, an organiszation that does already a lot of work to help the animals on the island. But there's still more to do! Besides that, I met Petra, who is living here for many years now and knows the conditions on the island pretty well.   


Together with 2 more members of my animal ambulance we now want to help - and that's why we came back to improve the whole situation. But all by ourselves we can't change enough, that's why we need you help!